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ATM Full Form: ATM is the machine that made the life of people are easy. In today time most of the people uses the ATM machine. But they do not know that ATM Full form or Full form of ATM. If you also do not know, so don’t worry. Because today, I am telling about ATM Machine in this article. And you can read What is ATM Machine, ATM Full Form, Benefits of ATM Macnie, How ATM Machine works, Parts of ATM Machine and much more in this article. SO if you are interested then you can read this article completely.

What is ATM Machine

ATM Machine is an automatic machine that works to withdraw and deposit the money. And you should have your bank ATM Card, then you can use the ATM Machine. And that ATM card is connected to your bank account. When you withdraw the money from ATM machine then those amount of money are cuts from your bank account.

The first ATM Machine appeared in 1967 in London. And the popularity of this machine increased and after some time  ATM Machine is spread around the world. Today time, there are 3.5 Million ATM Machine is used across the world. And the number of ATM Machine is increasing day to day. Every bank provides this service of her customer because this is helpful for the customer and this saves the time of the customer.

ATM change the life of peoples. Because before the ATM Machine, People used to go to the bank for deposit and withdraw the money. And the process is very long and time-consuming. And after the ATM the people go to the nearest ATM and then withdraw the money easily. So ATM helped people to save time.

ATM Full Form

ATM FULL FORMAutomated Teller Machine
WorkWithdraw And Deposit the Money
InventorJohn Shepherd Barron
First ATM Used1967 in the USA
First Person Use to ATMComedy Actor Reg Varney

So the full form of ATM  is Automated Teller Machine. And there is no need for any cashier. You can enter the money and withdraw the money easily. Because this is the Automatic machine. ATM machine has two types, first type ATM helps to withdraw the money and Second type ATM is very advance which help to deposited money.

ATM Full Form in Hindi

सवचालित टेलर मशीन

Feature of ATM Machine

ATM Machine provides many services to the customer. Basically, if you have an ATM card, then you can use the ATM Machine. Your Bank gives a PIN Number. So when you withdraw the money from ATM Machine then the ATM Machine asks the Pin number. Without PIN Number you can not withdraw the Money. So now telling the feature of ATM Machine.

Cash Withdraw

If you have needed the money. And your Bank is not near to you. Then you can use the ATM. And you can withdraw the money with the help of ATM Machine. So ATM helps to save the time and help in an emergency.

Balance Enquiry

With the help of ATM Machine, you can check your balance easily, and when you check the balance then the ATM machine gives the slip of related to your balance.

PIN Change

If you want to change the PIN number of your ATM card, then you can do it with the help of an ATM machine. And this process is very simple and you can change your ATM card PIN easily.

Fund Transfer

ATM Machine gives the facility to transfer the fund. So with the help of ATM machine, you can transfer the fund to other people easily.

Mini Statement

Through the ATM, you can see the withdraw and deposit statement related to your bank.

Cash and Cheque Deposit

The ATM machine gives the feature of cash and cheque deposit and you can take the benefits of this facility easily.

 ATM Machine Working Steps

If you are the new customer of any bank and you have received the ATM card currently. You do not know how to ATM Machine works. So don’t worry. I am telling some steps, by which you can use the ATM Machine and withdraw the money easily.

step 1. Insert The ATM Card 

Firstly insert the ATM card in ATM Machine. And if some type, you swipe the ATM card on ATM machine. And when your insert the ATM card then ATM Machine read the all data, related to your bank account.

ATM Full form

Step 2. Choose the Language

After inserting the ATM card, then the option of choosing the language will be shown on the screen of an ATM machine. And then you can choose the language, which you want.


Step 3. Enter the PIN

So now you will enter the ATM card Pin number on the keyboard of the ATM machine. And the Pin number gives by Bank with the ATM card.

ATM Full form

Step 4. Select Transaction Type

After entering the ATM Card Pin then some transaction type will be shown on the screen of ATM machine such as Transfer, Balance inquiry, Deposit Money, Withdraw money, Setting, Bill Pay. So you can choose the one on this following options.

ATM Full form

Step 5. Account Type

Now the next step is to select the account type. There are two types of Account, first is saving and second is current.

ATM Full form

Step 6. Enter Amount

So now enter the amount in the keyboard, which you can want to withdraw. And click on the correct button.

ATM Full form

Step 7. Take the Money

So ATM machine will withdraw your Money. And you can take your money.

So, friend, this is the process of uses of ATM Machine. And with the help, you can withdraw the money. And if you have any problem then you can comment on the comment section.

ATM Full Form

Advantage of ATM Machine

  1. Help to withdraw the money.
  2. Provides the services 24 hours.
  3. Provide the service of cash and cheque deposits.
  4. Help to reduce the workload of bank staff.
  5. Help to save the time of the customer.
  6. The ATM running process is easy.
  7. ATM is beneficial to Traveller.

Disadvantage of ATM machine

  1. Someone Watch or hacks your ATM card number.
  2. Sometimes someone hacked the ATM Machine.
  3. Limitation of cash withdraw.

Parts Of ATM Machine

The ATM Machine is created by many parts. So we are telling about the parts of ATM Machine. The ATM is user-friendly and all the feature of ATM are very simple.

Card Reader: This is the input device and which is established under the ATM machine. And when we insert the ATM card into the ATM machine then the card reader read all data, through the ATM card.

Keypad: Keypad is also an input device. We enter the pin code on the keypad, by which we can withdraw the money.

Display Screen: Display screen helps to give the information. And now, the touch screen is used in the ATM Machine.

Speaker: Speaker helps to give audio feedback.

Receipt Printer: Receipt printer helps to give the receipt related to your transaction.

Cash Dispenser: This is the main part of ATM, Which help to give the cash.

Final Word

So, friend, I hope this article will be helpful; for you. And now you know about ATM Full Form and it works. Friends ATM is an easy machine, which you can use easily. And if you have any queries, then you can comment.  And share this article ” ATM Full Form ” to your friends.

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