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AM Full Form: Today we are talking about AM. And in this article know that what is the AM Full form. We use this word in daily life, but most of the people do not know about AM. Basically, AM is the word related to Time. And I explain all details related to AM. So if you are interested then you can read this article completely. And I am writing an article “what is ATM “, so you can read this.

In the olden times, people used to know the time according to the sun. And with time everything changes. And then everyone started using clocks for the time. But when we can see the time, we use AM before noon and use PM afternoon. So in this article, we will know what AM is. And what is AM?

AM Full Form

The Full Form AM is Ante Meridiem. This is a Latin word. And we can use AM before Noon (12 o’clock). And in the afternoon, we can use the PM.


AM Full FormAnte Meridiem
AM Full Form in Hindiदोपहर से पहले

Basically, there are two type formate of time.

  1. 12 hours formate
  2. 24 hours Formate

AM starts from 00hr at midnight and is still 11;59 hrs noontime.

For example: If you go to college at 11 AM then the time is 11 in the morning And if you go to college at 1 PM, then this is the time is 1 noon.

So friend, I hope, you will understand about AM. And if you have any queries then you can comment on the comment section. I will try to help you.

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