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CIP Full Form: Hello friend, Today we will discuss the full form of CIP. There are many Full forms of CIP in a different department, so we will talk about all CIP Full Form. If you are interested then you can read this article. And I hope this article will be helpful to you.

What is CIP: There are Different full form in a different department. But the most used Carriage and Insurance paid. So you can check the list, which given in the below.


CIP Abbreviation Carriage and Insurance Paid

CIP is a type of service, in which a third person, which appointed by the seller transfers the goods to another person at the right place. And in this condition, the risk and damaged are transfer from the seller to the buyer after the goods delivered by the third person.

What does CIP Stand for Banking

CIP stands for in Banking  Customer Identification Program

CIP is an identification program in the united state. And it is a requirement of the united state. In which financial institution verify the customer identity. This process is approved by the financial institution’s board of director.

What does CIP stand for in education

CIP Stand for in education Classification of Instructional Programs

Classification of Instructional Programs is a classification of subjects in the institution of higher education in the united state or Canada.

What does CIP stand for in Accounting

CIP Stand for In Accounting  Construction in progress

CIP Full Form in Pharma

CIP Full Form in Pharma Clean in Place

Some Others CIP Full Forms

CIP Full Form Category
Carriage and Insurance Paid International Business
Capital Improvement Plan General Business
Capital Improvements Program General Business
Continuous Improvement process General Business
Customer Information Program General Business
Common Industrial Protocol General Business
Computer Investment Program General Business
Computer Incorporated People General Business
Constant Innovation Police Business
Clean In Place Food
Carrier Identification Parameter Telecom
Combined Interoperability Program Government
Critical Item Program Government
Career Intern program Us government
Critical Intelligence Parameter Government
Consolidated Intelligence Program Government
Compatible Independent peripherals Government
Combat Intelligence Processor Government
Commercial Instruction Processor Government
command Interface Port Government
Component Improvement Program Government
Communication Improvement Program Government
Challenge Incarceration Program Government
Community Involvement Project US Government
Community improvement program Community
Community Involvement Program Community
Control and Information protocol Software
Coloring Integer program Software
Chartered Insurance professional Insurance
Certificate in Investment Planning Insurance
Cost Insurance Prepaid finance
Central For Intellectual property Law & Legal
Common Indexing protocol Law & Legal
Capital Investment Program Military
Command Inspection program Military
Consolidated Intelligence Program Military
Clothing Issue Point Military
Candidate Interoperability Program Military
CryptgraphicInterface Provider Military
Civilian Institution program Military
Combat Information processor Military
Civilian Institution program Military
Calf Intestinal Phos Unclassified
Centre for Infrastructure Protection Unclassified
Central induction policy Unclassified
Civil Infrastructure Platform Unclassified
Commercial Important person Unclassified
Centre for International Policy Unclassified
Cost Improvement Plan Unclassified
Cash installment plan Bank
Chat in private Chat
Central issue price Messaging
Construction in Process Science
Cesium Intermediate Product Chemistry
Component Independent Palette Computer
Corporate Internship program Corporate
Campus Improvement Program University
Campus involvement project College
Chemical Injection Package Mechanics
Chichpali Indian Railway station

So friend, these the list of CIP Full Form. If you have any query relate to CIP Full form, then you can comment in the comment section. And share this article to your friend or relatives.

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