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MCP Full Form

MCP Full FormMicrosoft Certified Professional
Issuing BodyMicrosoft Corporation
Applicable forIT Developer
Related CertificateMicrosoft Technology Associate
Duration5-6 Month
Eligibility12th passed
Other topicsProductivity, Cloud Computing, App Builder

MCP stands for Microsoft Certified Professional. MCP Program is a certified program from Microsoft, which help to IT developers and IT Professional to validate their technical expertise through various exam such as an industry-recognized exam. In simple word, Microsoft Certified Professional is a certified certificate from for IT developers and IT Professional. And when any candidate passes the certification exam then that candidate earn the MCP certificate. And after passing the certification program, then that have opportunity to earns the other larger certifications, such as MCSE or MCSD.

Microsoft Certified professional is certified certificate by which you can learn the new technology related to Microsoft. they have been divided into six categories named as Cloud, Mobility, Data, Productivity, App Builder and Business Application. So If you want to make an IT developer then this course is for you, which help to learn the new technology and opens the many opportunities in the IT field and help to earn more.

MCP Certification Syllabus

Sr NumberSubjectSyllabus
1managing And maintaining a Microsoft Window server1. Managnig Users, Computers andgroups configure access to shared foldrs
2. Managing and maintaining server Environment
3.Manage Software update infrastructure
4. Manage Basic disks and dynamic disks
5. Monitor file and Printer Server
6. Install and Configure server hardware device
7.Managing and Implementing Disaster Recovery
8. recover from server hardware Failure
2Planning and Mnagning Microsoft window server1. Planning and implementing server roles and server security
2.Planning and Implementing and maintaining network infrastructure
3. Planning, implementing and managing server availability
4.Planning and managing Network Security
5. Planning, Implementing and Maintaining Security Infrastructure
3Planning, Implementing and Maintaining a Microsoft window server1. Planning Implementing an active directory infrastructure
2. The planning Implementing user, computer and group strategy
3. Plan an OU structure
4. Planning and Implementing group policy
5. Managing and maintaining Group policy
6. Plan a smart card authentication strategy
4Client Operating System
5Design Exam
6Configuring Windows Vista Client1. Install and configure windows vista drive
2.Configuring Windows security Feature
3. Configuring Windows Defender and Firewall
4.Configuring Dynamic Security for MS Internet Explorer 7
5. Configuring Network Connectivity
6.Configuring Windows update and data protection
7.Configuring and troubleshooting mobile computing

Microsoft Certified Profession Eligibility

Friend, If you have completed the 12th class then you can apply for this course. This course is related to the IT sector. And after this course, you can find a better job in IT sector.

Best MCP Course College

  • DUCC System Pvt. limited, New Delhi
  • Academy of Engineering and Management, AMS College

Microsoft Certified professional Job Type

After completing this course, you can find a job in the IT sector in the following post.

  • App Developer
  • Technical Architect
  • Software Developer
  • Network engineer
  • System Engineer
  • Tech support engineer
  • Product Support Engineer

Microsoft Certified Professional Cost

MCP is a Microsoft related course. The duration of this course is 5 to 6 months. And the fees for this course is 2,40,000 (approximately). . I discuss the college in this article, which during these courses. So if you are interested then you can admission in this course.

So, friend, this is the information related to Microsoft Certified Professional. But there are many other MCP full form. About which we will discuss now.

MCP Full Form in Hindi

माइक्रोसॉफ्ट प्रमाणित पेशेवर

MCP Full Form in Banking

Microsoft Certified Partner

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Membrane Cofactor Protein

MCP Full Form in Maruti Suzuki

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