What to do After Engineering

What to do After Engineering: This is the common question, which comes in every student mind. And when the student in last year of engineering, then this time this question is comes many times that what to do after engineering. So there are many options which you can do after engineering. I am telling some option, which can help you to know what to do after engineering.

1.5 million engineerings pass out every year. But they do not choose the right path, by which they can make a better career. So in this article, we will talk about some options, which you can be doing after engineering. But always remember that, choose that path, in which you are interested. Because you can make a better career in that field.

There are many types of branches in engineering. I am providing a list of all the branches and you should always choose jobs according to that branch from which you have completed your engineering.


What do After Engineering

Jobs After Engineering

If you want to earn money, then you can do the job. There is many job opportunity for engineers. You can search for the jobs in related trade. And many of the college doing the campus placement. So you can grab this opportunity. And if you do not select in the campus Placement, then you can search the jobs. This is one of the options, which you can do after engineering. And if you are not interested in jobs, then their many options, which you can choose.

Doing M.tech

If you are not interested in the job and you can do continue your education. then you can go for M.tech. This is the post graduation course, which you can do after b.tech. This is the 2-year course. And doors of many companies will open for you after M.tech and you can make a better career.

Many of the colleges are available, from which you can do your M.tch. Most of the college or university conduct own entrance exam. And after the entrance exam, you can admission in M.tech. but if you want to do M,.tech form government college. Then you have to qualify the GATE.

I give the list of best M.tech college, you can check and choose the coll for you.

India Institute of Technology Madras
India Institute of Technology Bombay
India Institute of Technology Kharagpur
India Institute of Technology Delhi
India Institute of Technology Kanpur
India Institute of Technology Roorkee
India Institute of Technology Guwahati
India Institute of Technology Rurkee
India Institute of Technology Indore
India Institute of Technology Ropar
India Institute of Technology Patna
India Institute of Technology Gandhinagar
India Institute of Technology Mandi

Preparation for Government Jobs

Every year many recruits come out, you can advantage from this opportunity. So you are good in the study but if you do not want to job and you do not want to continue your education then this is the other options for you. You can prepare for government jobs. And Who do not want to do government jobs. Many of the institutes are available, from which you can prepare.

Many of the government jobs, for which you can prepare, and which you can qualify.

Banking Exam
SSC Exam
Railway Exam

Doing MBA

This is another options for you, that you can do MBA. Many of the student, who do to MBA after B.tech. And an MBA degree after engineering considers more beneficial in case of salary. This is a 2-year course. And you interested in business then MBA Course may be the best option. Because you learn more about business, which helps in business success. And if you want to do the job after MBA then many of the private jobs are available in this sector.

Many of the colleges are available, from which you can complete your MBA. I am giving the list of best MBA college in India.

Indian Institute of Management of Banglore
Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad
Indian Institute of Management Calcutta
Indian Institute of Management Lucknow
Indian Institute of Management Indore
Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode
IIT Delhi
Indian Institute of Management Trichy
IIT Kanpur
MDI Gurgav


If you have any idea, then you can work on this idea and start your own business. There are many examples, which work on a unique idea and become a successful entrepreneur. So if you have capable and you have a unique idea then you can make a successful entrepreneur and create jobs to other people.

In today time many of the new business is starts but some of this business may be successful. So if you want to start a business and become an entrepreneur but you have no idea about the business, then firstly you should job in corporate. In which you can see the nuances of the business.


If you want to need the money and your interest in teaching then you can make teacher in private college. The private engineering college is available in every city, then you can search for the college, which is near to your home. And you become a teacher in that college.

Last word

I hope you like this article. And the answer to “What to do after engineering“, would have got you. So you can choose any option, in which you are interested. And I will want to say that, there are many opportunities after engineering. So don’t take the stress. First of all, know who you are interested in. Then choose the better option according to your interest.

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