[Latest] D.EL.ED Syllabus pdf Subjects 2022-23

D.EL.ED Syllabus 2022: The DELED program has been developed by the Academic department NIOS. NIOS is the organization under the government of India. It is the largest Schooling system in the World. And the full form of NIOS is National Institute of Open Schooling. So in this article, we will discuss the D.EL.ED syllabus 2021 etc.

Basically, DELED full form is Diploma in Elementry education. So D.El.ED is the type of diploma, which duration is 2 year. And if you want to go to the teaching line, then this diploma is for you. Because you will learn skills, competencies, attitudes related to the teacher in this course.

And if we discussed the eligibility for admission in D.El.ED. You have completed your graduation with 50% marks then you can apply for the D.EL.ED Entrance exam. The D.EL.ED entrance exam form go out every year. And every state conducts a different exam of D.EL.ED on own level. So you can follow our website because we give the latest update related to D.El.ED course.

DELED Syllabus 2022

D.EL.ED is the 2 years regular course. And there are many practicals, exercises, technicals skills, Historical patterns, philosophical theories are included in this course. Basically, the course is divided into two-part. First, are the general course and subject disciplines.

DELED 1st Year

Subject Name Syllabus
Childhood and Development of Children
  • Meaning and Characteristics of Child development
  • Understand the child behavior
  • Understand the development needs of child development
  • Understand the various aspect of child development and growth
  • Understand the concept of Integrated personality
Education and Society
  • Understand the nature of Society
  • Introduce them to policies and implication for education.
  • Understand the diversity in society
  • Understand the trend, issues, and challenges facing Indian society
  • Understand the relationship between education and society
Educational Technology
  • Understand the latest technology such as Computer skill, internet, educational technology, etc
  • Communication and technology
  • Multiple technologies and application in education
  • Localized teaching
  • Technology and classroom instruction
English Language
  • English language in primary school
  • Language skill- listening and speaking
  • Language skill – Reading and writing
  • Lesson planning and Material development
Mathematics Education
  • Perspectives about mathematical knowledge
  • Mathematical Content
  • Approaches to teach mathematics
  • Classroom Transaction and Assessment
Environmental Studies Education
  • Concept and Objective of Environmental Studies
  • Planning, teaching and Learning Process
  • Teaching and learning material
  • Assessment of EVS learning
Health and Physical Education
  • Concept and Objective of health and physical education
  • Children’s health needs
  • Concept and importance of physical education
  • Safety Education
  • The lesson, Planning, and teaching methods
Work Education
  • Concept and Importance of Work Education
  • History and Scope of work education
  • Evaluation of Work Education
  • Work Education Activities
Art Education
  • Understanding the Art Education
  • Planning and Organization of Art Experience
  • Evaluation in Art Education
  • Visual Art and Crafts

DELED Syllabus 2nd Year

Subject Name Syllabus
Psychological Perspectives of Education
  • Understanding learning
  • Determinants and Process of learning
  • language Learning
  • Guidance and Counselling
  • Inclusive Education
Socio-Philosophical Perspective of Education
  • Education and Philosophy
  • Education and Sociological
  • Culture and Value Education
  • Education and Social Change
  • Human Rights and Education
Curriculum, Pedagogy, and Evaluation
  • Curriculum and teaching-learning process
  • Basics of Pedagogy
  • Pedagogy Approaches and Practices
  • Evaluation and Assessment
  • Action Research
School Leadership and Management
  • School Organization and Management
  • Self-management, Professional Ethics, and Accountability
  •  Classroom Management
  • Leadership, Team Building, and Motivation
English Language
  • Teaching of English at upper primary level
  • Learning English communication at the elementary level
  • English language learning
  • Resource of the teaching of English
Mathematics Education
  • Mathematical Reasoning
  • Algebraic Thinking
  • Practical Arithmetic and statics
  • Curriculum and mathematical communication
Social Study Education
  • Nature of Social Studies
  • The important concept of social studies
  • Lesson of Planning and Methods of teaching
  • Device and tools of Effective transaction
  • Learner Assessment and Evaluation
Science Education
  • Introduction of Science Education
  • Approach and Method of teaching
  • Lesson Planning and in science teaching
  • Evaluation in Science teaching
Health and  Physical Education
  • Introduction of Health Education
  • Communicable and non-communicable Diseases
  • Physical Education Programme
  • Games and Sports
  • Lifestyle and stress management
Work Education
  • Work Education at upper Primary level
  • Organization and Management of work education
  • Assessment and Evaluation of Work Education
  • Work Education and Community
  • Integrating Work Education
Arts in Education
  • Understanding Arts Education
  • Planning and Organizing of Art Integrated learning
  • Visual Arts and Craft
  • Performance Art
School Experience Programm (SEP)
  • Purpose and Objective of the SEP Program
  • Lesson Planning
  • Effective Handling and use of teaching-learning material
  • Condition of Neghibourhood survey
  • Preparation of school profile
  • Writing Reflective Diary
  • Learning about School Program

So this is the DElED Syllabus, If you have any query then you can comment on the comment section. And share this article with your friends and relative, which needs it.

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