S/O Full Form , S/O Meaning

S/O Full Form: This is a common word when we fill any application form, then most of the time, we use this term. But most of the people do not know about the S/O full form. So don’t worry, In this article, we will discuss the S/O.

S/O stans forSon Of

S/O Meaning

So, friend, I hope you understand the S/O. And now I will discuss some example by which you will understand very well. And if you have any question or suggestion related to S/O, then you can comment on the comment section. The comment section is available in the below.

Example –

Mukesh S/O Rakesh

It means that Rakesh is the son of Mukesh. And we can say in other words that Mukesh is the father of Rakesh.

S/O Full Form in Hindi

S/O की फुल फॉर्म को आप इस उद्धरण से समझ सकते है।

जैसे = Mukesh S/O Rakesh

तो  राकेश मुकेश का बेटा है और मुकेश राकेश का बाप है।

Some Other Meaning of S/O

S/OSexual Orientation
S/OSex offered
S/OService order
S/OSold Out
S/OShipping order
S/OSecurity officer
S/OStarting Offer
S/OService order
S/OSigning Opportunity

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